D'Angelico Guitars

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D’Angelico Guitars are beautiful and sound great, this brand is continuing to grow.

In the early 1900’s a young master luthier grew from apprenticeship with his grandfather in Manhattan to beginning D’Angelico guitars, which is now one of the most recognizable guitar brands in the world.

From the early apprentice years, building violins and mandolins with his grandfather, John D’Angelico opened his first guitar shop in New York City in 1932.

Beginning humbly making small batches of beautifully crafted guitars, the D’Angelico brand grew a strong reputation as well built beautiful sounding guitars. When John D’Angelico teamed up with James D’Aquisto in 1952 the brand took which lead to the creation of D’Aquisto guitars made by the duo of master luthiers.

The catalog of hollow body guitars, semi hollow body guitars and solid body guitars, has steadily grown over the years attracting famous professional guitarists and beginner guitarists alike.

With several affordable options in both electric guitars and acoustic guitars, there are great guitars for beginners in the D’Angelico brand, but there are also some of the best guitars for professionals which have attracted guitarists like Kurt Rosenwinkel and Bob Weir.

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Well known guitarists around the world prefer the look and sound of D'Angelico guitars. Some of those guitarists include: Bob Weir Bootsy Collins Kurt Rosenwinkel Dario Chiazzino Susan Tedeschi Warren Haynes Nels Cline Jonathan Butler Michael Franti Kenny Loggins Cody Simpson Chester Bennington Bootsy Collins Mike Brooks
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