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Hofner makes a wide variety of guitars and stringed instruments- they accommodate beginners with great acoustic guitars. Check out Hofner instruments on instrumentfind.com

Made popular by Paul McCartney of The Beatles, the Hofner bass is definitely the most famous and recognizable instrument manufactured by Hofner. In addition to bass guitars, Horner manufactures electric guitars, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars, violins, violas, cellos, double basses, and bows for stringed instruments.

The Hofner company goes way back, all the way to 1887 when Karl Hofner saw his company quickly grow to the largest manufacturer of string instruments in his country.

While Hofner produced a wide variety of string instruments, it was the Hofner electric bass that made Hofner a worldwide success. The Hofner electric bass is a violin bass guitar which came to be known as the Beatle Bass. The Hofner bass guitar was designed to have the tone of a double bass with the light weight of a hollow body guitar with electric amplification.

When Paul McCartney made the Hofner Electric Bass his signature bass guitar for look and sound, McCartney cemented the Hofner Electric Bass in rock and roll history and the future of music. Today, musician like Kevin Parker of Tame Impala continue to use the iconic brand.

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Hofner IGNITIONSB Electric Violin Bass Guitar Review
Adam's Take- "If you want a beautiful Hofner Bass at a fraction of the cost of the vintage models, this is your bass."
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Paul McCartney of The Beatles making the Hofner Bass Guitar famous, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones traded in a stack of records in order to purchase a Hofner guitar, which was his first guitar, and several other guitarists and bass guitarist have elevated the status of the Hofner brand, which includes: - Kevin Parker of Tame Impala - Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof - Chris Wood of The Wood Brothers and Medeski Martin and Wood - Eric Clapton learned to play on a Höfner acoustic. - Mark Knopfler's first guitar was a V2 solid. - At the age of 13, Jimmy Page made his first televised appearance in 1957 on BBC1 playing a Höfner President. - Albert Lee's first guitar was a Höfner President acoustic.[6] - John Lennon of The Beatles bought a Club 40 as his first electric guitar in 1959.
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