Pearl is drums. Pearl offers custom drums, snares, percussion, drum pads, kick drum pedals- anything drums.

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Pearl Export Standard Drumset
3 years ago

Pearl Export Standard Drumset

Bottom Line - It's the best selling drumset of all time and that is not by accident.  This is a great drumset for beginners and light gigging drummers.
Best deal at: Musiciansfriend
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Pearl Roadshow Acoustic Drumset Review
Adam's Take - "My take on the Pearl Roadshow Drumsets (hyperlink) are that they are a great value buy regardless of the level you are at.  I wouldn’t be in any rush to take this kit on tour as a professional musician, but if I was flying into a gig and any of the variations of this was the backline drumset (hyperlink) with decent drum heads (hyperlink) and cymbals (hyperlink), I would feel good about it.  I would definitely recommend this for beginners and intermediate drummers, but if you are intermediate moving towards being a professional musician I would suggest The Pearl Export Series Drumset (hyperlink) which is a great value drumset or a comparable drumset in the Yamaha Stage Custom Drumset (hyperlink) which i love for the price.  Check out my article Pearl Export Series Drumset vs. Yamaha Stage Custom Drumset for more information if your considering the upgrade."
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Pearl kits look good and sound good! They are a long-lasting, family-owned company.
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