Sonor Acoustic Drums

Sonor drums are one of the worlds oldest drum companies which is often overlooked for drumming in the United States since Sonor drums are more popular in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1875 by Johannes Link, Sonor entered the world of drum and percussion manufacturing with a variety of percussion instruments including the glockenspiel and some of the worlds earliest produced kick drum pedals. Sonor even invented the modern screw thread drum construction and the metal snare drum.

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In the 1950’s, after weathering World War II, Sonor started ramping up their production of drum sets, which attracted professional drummers to the brand.

After introducing a variety of drum sets geared toward beginners, drum sets for kids and drum sets for professionals, Sonor started attracting influential drummer like jazz legend Jack DeJohnette and Journey drummer, Steve Smith.

As the market for drums and percussion has evolved, so has the Sonor drum brand which not only includes great quality drum sets but also a wide variety of percussion instruments including Glockenspiels, Xylophones, Metallophones, Concert Mallets, Mallets, Chime Bars, Timpani, Cajones, Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Wood Blocks, Cowbells, and so much more, including some amazing hardware.

The Sonor Brand being highly reputable and very old, has attracted some of the most renown drummers in the world, including:

Jack DeJohnette
Steve Smith of Journey
Danny Carey of TOOL
JoJo Mayer of Nerve
Glen Kotche of Wilco
Rocy Bryant of Average White Band
Henry Spinetti of Eric Clapton
Phil Rudd of AC/DC
Ranjit Barot of John McLaughlin Band
Hideo Yamaki
Jeff “Tain” Watts of Branford Marsalis Band
John Miceli of Blue Oyster Cult and My Chemical Romance
Chris Coleman of Chaka Khan, Prince and New Kids On The Block
Danny Cummings of Mark Knopfler
Gavin Harrison of King Crimson
Jorge Orlando
Lemar Carter of Demi Levato
Mikkey Dee of Motorhead
Richard Bailey of Incognito
Neal Smith
Naoya Hamada
Sammi Merendino of Cyndi Lauper
Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars
Tal Bergman of Joe Bonamassa

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