Yamaha Acoustic Drums

Yamaha is one of the oldest and most expansive musical instrument manufacturers in the world. Having started producing musical instruments in the 1880’s, Yamaha kicked off their business producing Reed Organs.

Since then Yamaha has grown into one of the biggest companies in the world producing technology for a wide variety of consumer and manufacturing products.

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In the 1960s, Yamaha dug in on their musical instrument production and opened Yamaha Corporation of America. With the addition of this branch, Yamaha began dominating the world of musical instruments that range from keyboards and synthesizers, to brass instruments and drums and everything in between.

For drummers, Yamaha has been especially successful in creating products for beginner drummers, intermediate drummers and professional drummers. Yamaha has been able to produce quality drum sets at a variety of prices by separating their drum manufacturing into three separate facilities.

The facility that is in Japan focuses on the high end professional Drumset models that are made my hand and use the best parts, woods and metals available. The facility in Indonesia produces intermediate and less expensive professional model drum sets using the same hand made techniques as the Japanese facility but making use of more affordable materials. The facility in China is made for the more mass produced Drumset lines from Yamaha. These include both beginner drum sets and intermediate drumsets. The mass production of these drums does not mean they are not good quality drumsets, it just means they are made to be affordable. Many of those drum sets are still very popular and well made, including the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum sets.

Drummers from Steve Jordan and Steve Gadd to Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band have used Yamaha Drumsets and brought them to popularity for drummers around the world.

Many notable and famous drummers perform on Yamaha drum sets including:

Steve Gadd
Steve Jordan
Dave Weckl
Elvin Jones
Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band
Will Champion of Coldplay
Bill Gibson of Huey Lewis And The News
David Garibaldi of Tower of Power
Manu Katche of Peter Gabriel Band
Larry Mullen Jr. of U2
Eric Harland
Antonio Sanchez
Jamie Miller of Bad Religion
Chris Johnson of Rihanna
Tony Escapa of Ricky Martin Band
Simon Hanson of Squeeze
Mike Bordin of Faith No More
Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins
Akira Jimbo
Phil Ehart of Kansas
Shawn Drover of Megadeth
Sonny Emory
Gerry Brown
Chris Parker

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