Electronic Drum Reviews

In the modern age of drumming, there are now more forms of electronic drumming than ever before. There are several great (and not so great) brands of electronic Drumsets, of course.

Now there are also a ton of option for drum pads and triggers and drum machines, including analog drum machines and digital drum machines. With all the electronic drums becoming popular there have also been efforts to create drumsets that are “the best of both worlds” in the form of hybrid drumsets.

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In the age of digital music recording and home recording studios, the ability to digitally record drums with the feel of an acoustic drumset is a huge advantage in the time it takes to create perfect sounding tracks. I even see value in taking a few pads on the road with the trigger to compliment my acoustic drumset.

With that said, I really wanted to dive deep with my reviews of electronic drums as they can sound really incredible and add alot to music or they can sound cheap and crappy and my even the best band sound amatuer.

ELECTRONIC DRUMS – The electric drums section is more than just electronic Drumsets. This section covers both electronic Drumsets and other types of electric drums like drum pads and drum machines. Within that section, there are Electronic Drumsets, (both full electric drumsets and hybrid drumsets) that may or may not also include:
– Electronic Cymbals (Electronic Ride Cymbal, Electronic crash cymbal, Electronic hi hats)
– Electronic Drum Pass (Electronic Snare Pad, Electronic tom pass, electronic kick drum)
– Electronic Drum Set Trigger (Brain of an electronic drumset)
– Drum Hardware (Cymbal Stands, Hi Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Tom Mountings)
– Kick Pedal (Single Chain Kick Pedal, Double Bass Drum Pedal etc.)
– Drum Throne
– Headphone
– Electronic Drumset Amp or Speaker

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