Roland Electronic Drums

Roland formed in 1972 in Japan to produce a litany of electronic instruments. From synthesizers to electronic drumsets and everything in between, Roland has been an industry leader on all fronts. From their JUNO synthesizers to their famed Electronic V-Drums, we at are big fans of Roland products.

Manufacturing in both Japan and USA, Roland has always been a cutting edge company. When it comes to electronic drums, it’s not only their electronic drumsets that have been impressive. Their electronic drum modules and drum machines have also been extremely popular and used in music around the world.

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Their production of mesh heads for electronic drumsets was of the first of it’s kind and remains the most impressive of all the electronic drumsets on the market. With a feel and sensitivity closely resembling acoustic drumsets, the mesh heads provide the drummer with a drumming experience that is second to none.

Even the cymbal pads and electronic hi-hats are something to behold. Roland electronic drumsets not only feel great to play but are also responsive to a variety of playing types. Velocity and placement of a hit effects the sound output to accurately reflect the drummers intention. Their electronic drums are also MIDI capable which allow the drums to be programmed to sound like anything you can find and can be controlled by other midi devices. Roland electronic drums can also use the MIDI feature to control other midi devices.

While their V-Drums and mesh heads series are typically more expensive as they are geared towards the professional drummer, Roland also produces cloth and rubber drum pads that allow beginner drummers to get into electronic drumsets at a fraction of the price of their high end electronic drumsets.

There are electronic drum options from Roland geared towards beginner drumming, intermediate drumming and professional drumming.

Since the Roland electronic drumsets, specifically their V-Drums and drum modules, are geared towards the professional drummer, there are many influential drummers that use Roland electronic drums, including:

Neil Pert of Rush
Travis Barker
Thomas Lang
Omar Hakim
TS Monk
Adrian Young of No Doubt
Jimmy Brown of UB40
Adrian Belew of King Crimson
Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson
Roger Taylor of Duran Duran
Stephen Morris of New Order
Marco Minnemann
Michael Bellusci
Gregg Bissonette
Jason Bittner
Brian Campo
Harvey Scott
Zach Hill of Death Grips
Stephen Morris of New Order

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