Epiphone Guitars

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Epiphone is a long standing brand that has highly valued vintage guitars. Epiphones are a major part of music stylistic history from the sounds of Les Paul to B.B. King.

From it’s organs crafting fiddles and lutes in the Ottoman Empire, Epiphone has grown into one of the longest running guitar manufacturing companies, crafting guitars in the United States now since 1903.

When Anastasios Stathopoulos created the company in the late 1800’s there is no way he could have known that his family would be one of the driving forces behind the creation and expansion of the electric guitar.

When Epiphone got things going in New York City, fiddles and lutes let to the creation of mandolins which developed into the market of banjo manufacturing as early as 1915 when Epaminondas Stathopoulos inherited Epiphone from his father.

By 1928 Epiphone began producing guitars, which has been the mainstay of Epiphone ever since. As Epiphone began producing high quality yet affordable guitars, it both impressed and threatened the well known guitar maker, Gibson. Eventually, through their parent company CMI, Gibson acquired Epiphone and brought the inventions of Les Paul to the market through Epiphone in the form of some of the worlds first electric guitars.

With Gibson’s design team working now with the Epiphone brand, the look and sound of Epiphone guitars grew to new heights and has sustained as one of the nicest sounding and looking guitars on the market. So much so that B.B. King had his signature guitar, “Lucille” created by Epiphone, which remains one of, if not the most prolific Epiphone guitars of all time.

The beauty of Epiphone’s archtop guitars extended from their guitar line to the bass guitar line as well and has resulted in some of the best looking guitars and best looking bass guitars in the world.

Vintage Epiphpone guitars can be extremely valuable which leads some people to believe it’s expensive to own an Epiphone guitar, however, Epiphone has created several extremely affordable guitars for beginners and guitars for intermediate guitarists that have the signature look and sound of Epiphone.

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While BB King made the Epiphone guitar famous with the Lucille guitar, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and several other prominent musicians also embraced the Epiphone for performing and recording, including: Les Paul Joe Pass Pete Townshend of The Who Django Reinhart Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails John Lee Hooker The Edge of U2 Matthew Followill of Kings Of Leon Josh Home of Queens of the Stone Age Noel Gallagher of Oasis James Bay Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Dave Davies of The Kinks
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