Acoustic Bass Guitars

Acoustic Bass Guitars are not just Upright Bass Guitars anymore. Actually an upright bass is not referred to as a “guitar” at all. It would be called an Upright Bass or Double Bass. An Acoustic Bass Guitar is the guitar shaped bass that you typically see in electric form but now is abundant in Acoustic Form. Any reviews we may do of Upright Bass will be included in this section but just had to clarify.

The first tour I ever went on, my bassist brought an acoustic bass, my keyboardist brought an accordian, my guitarist had an acoustic guitar and I had a djembe. On nights off, we would busk in cities and make extra gas money and sell CD’s. Those experiences built alot of character for us and made us better musicians. On some nights, we made decent money in the process.

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I’ve seen the acoustic bass used in a studio session where it sounded like an upright and the guitarist was able to utilize his awesome licks that he wouldn’t have been as proficient in had it been an upright bass.

It’s a great tool to have in any bassists arsenal.

Check out the acoustic bass guitars by brand if you prefer. In my ratings I look for quality, price, sound, durability and more!

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