Gretsch Bass Guitars

Gretsch is a household name in the music business. As an iconic musical instrument brand, Gretsch has excelled in it’s production of Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums and more.

Founded by Friedrich Gretsch, The Gretsch brand has managed to stay in the family with only one stretch when the company had sold out of necessity following World War II, but then the brand was brought back into the family shortly after.

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From it’s origins producing banjos and drums to it’s current place as a leader in a variety of musical instrument production, Gretsch is a top choice for bass guitarists around the world.

Gretsch electric bass guitars range from super affordable if not cheap all the way to some expensive signature series and rare electric bass guitars. The more affordable bass guitar models are great for beginners as they are easy to play and very affordable, while the signature series and limited edition bass guitars provide a ton of gems for the professional bassist to choose from.

With 4 String, 6 String and 12 String Bass guitars and solid body, semi hollow and hollow body bass guitars in their arsenal, Gretsch offers so much for the modern bassist to choose from. With a long history of producing guitars, there are some amazing vintage model electric bass guitars available as well.

Gretsch has some amazing specialty guitars including limited editions bass guitars and signature series bass guitars. The Tom Peterson Signature Series bass guitars even includes hollow body electric bass guitars as well as an amazing 12 string electric bass guitar.

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