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The efforts of Les Paul to create the electric guitar opened the doors for some incredible innovations in the instrument and its effects on music. While the heydey of the guitar may rest with guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, the guitar is clearly in the aural fabric of our ears and is an instrument that is here to stay.

Guitar driven music is ever present and in a world where George Benson is on a Gorrilaz album, young guitarists like Isaiah Sharkey, Matthew Chase and Marcus Machado are on the rise and established guitarists like Santana, Eric Clapton and Trey Anastasio are still rocking, the future is bright for the talented guitarist.

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Finding the perfect guitar is not really a thing for most guitarists. Every guitarist I know ends up with a guitar collection. Guitarists can’t have just one. It’s just not possible. Even with the collection, most guitarists typically have their main axe; the guitar that speaks to their fingers the most. Whether you are looking for another guitar for your collection or the perfect guitar that won’t leave your side, check out our Electric Guitar reviews that can be searched by Guitar Brand, Guitar Level, and rated by price, look and sound.

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Some guitars come with cases, but some don’t, so if you want a case with your guitar, but sure to read the fine print. Sometimes its worth it to get a guitar without a case because you save money, but if getting a case with it, especially when it gets shipped in it’s guitar case, is never a bad situation for shipping a guitar.

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