Gibson Electric Guitars

In 1902 Gibson was came into the world to make mandolins and violins. Taking the design of the violin and marrying it with the guitar, Gibson created one of the most recognizable guitars on the market. With the invention of the flat top guitar, Gibson shifted its focus to electric and acoustic guitars, including pushing the beginnings of the hollow body electric guitar.

Working with their acquired Epiphone brand and the inventor of the electric guitar, Les Paul, Gibson helped make the electric guitar what we know them to be today.

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The early organs of rock and roll really brought Gibson front and center when iconic rock guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin made the Gibson electric guitar larger than life with his thick cutting guitar riffs and flashing guitar stylings.

Even with Gibson being featured in rock and roll, guitarists like Wes Montgomery showed off the smooth and buttery side of the Gibson electric guitar as he used it in his jazz stylings, bring a rich and strong tone to the world of jazz guitar. The tradition of Gibson being a guitar of rock and roll, Slash of Guns and Roses also embraced the Gibson brand for his flashy rock and roll style.

Today Gibson produces guitars at every price point for beginner guitarists to professional guitarists and everything in between.

Musicians that have made Gibson guitars a household name are many and include:

Warren Haynes of Gov’t Mule
Brian Jones
Wes Montgomery
Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
Slash of Guns and Roses
Les Paul the inventor of the electric guitar
Pete Townshend of The Who
Peter Frampton
Mary Ford
Johnny Winter

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