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Electric Keyboards are more diverse then they have ever been. It used to be that an Electric Keyboard would have a decent Piano sound, a decent electric piano sound and if you are lucky, a serviceable organ sound. In the world we live in today, Electric Keyboard brands have advanced the technology they are using and now a good Electric Keyboard can have hundreds of great sounds and tones.

Some electric keyboards not only have several great options for Piano sound and organ sounds, but now many electric keybaords have robust synthesizer tones, some that even offer analog options.

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- 4% Roland JUNO-DS61 61-key Synthesizer Review
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Companies like Nord and Roland are really pushing their electric keyboards into a place where they can truly be full master workstations with endless options and the ability to create almost any tone.

In some keyboards there are slots that allow you to upload any tone, sound, patch or loop that you could ever want.

Digital Keyboards/Digital Pianos to review, compare and rate.

Make sure you know what you are getting before you make a purchase. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a keyboard with synthesizers and loop stations, if all you need or want is solid piano tones.

If you are interested in spending thousands of dollars in getting one of the top models of Electric Keyboards, make sure you know you will get everything you are looking for in your new keyboard.

We’ve reviewed several brands of electric keyboards and dissected their features and value.

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