Akai MIDI Keyboards

Akai Professional, an offshoot of the Akai brand, was founded in 1984. While Akai as a corporation existed since it’s beginnings in the early 1900’s, it was the Akai Professional that made a huge impact in the music industry.

The focus on manufacturing electronic instruments led the company to lead the way in making home recording affordable with it’s invention of the MG1212. Shortly after, Akai Pro started coming out with synthesizers and digital samplers.

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Throughout Akai history of making synthesizers, the company always saw the standard in the the Roland Juno Series and always set their sights on trying to match or outdo Roland. With the two Japanese companies pushing each other for their reputations in the music industry, Akai Professional played huge role in the use of digital samples in modern music by making high quality samplers available to musicians and song writers. Akai made oscillators and drum pads and more.

Currently Akai MIDI Keyboards and MIDI Controllers are popular and of a high quality. Many of the vintage Akai Professional instruments are no longer manufactured, which has put a high value on some of the older models.

Akai Professional is always creating new products including:
MPC Series controllers
Keyboard Controllers
MPC Expansions
DJ Controllers
EWI Electric Wind Instruments
Pad Controllers
Drum Machines
Ableton Controllers
Recording Equipment
Recording Software

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