Alesis MIDI Keyboards

Alesis MIDI Keyboards and MIDI Controllers are some of the best in the business and offer great value for professional musicians and hobby musicians alike.

While Alesis makes a wide range of musical instruments for music production including electronic drum kits, monitors, sample pads and digital effects, Alesis midi controllers and midi keyboards are some of the best in the music production business.

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In 1984 by Keith Barr created Alesis in Hollywood, CA with the intention of filling the void for high quality electronic drum triggers, drum pads, electronic drumsets and digital effects.

While leading the way in the field of music creating high quality electronic drums, Alesis introduced MIDI Keyboards with the though of making sure high quality MIDI Controllers would be available in a field that saw the cost of MIDI Controllers rise quickly. As a result, Alesis has MIDI Controllers and MIDI Keyboards that are perfect for beginner musicians and professional musicians alike.

Early on for Alesis, the advancements in electronic drum technology, also led to advancements in affordable recording equipment for small studios and recording equipment for home studios.

Alesis had a ground breaking 16 bit effects processor that worked directly with their ADAT digital tape machine. The result was amazing and embraced by musicians and recording studios around the world.

The ability Alesis had to create great recording equipment and production equipment combined with the industry leading electronic drum sets, electronic drum pads, drum machines, drum pads and sample machines, has all come together with the various forms of Alesis MIDI Controllers and MIDI keyboards.

In many of the Alesis MIDI keyboards and controllers, Alesis combines their technologies with advanced drum pads, drum triggers, sampling technology and digital effects.

Alesis is a reputable company for a reason, producing some of the best equipment for MIDI Keyboards, MIDI Controllers, drummers looking for triggers, sample pads, electronic drumsets, electronic drum pads, audio mixers and more.

“While touring with a wide variety of musicians and working in music studios around the country, I have enjoyed the Alesis MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboards and their ease of use and affordability. As a collector of MIDI equipment, I find the drum triggers and MIDI controllers to be exceptional.” -Adam Chase

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