Korg Synthesizers

Korg Synthesizers are a recognized brand because of their tones, quality and performance.

Korg manufactures Digital Pianos, Drum & Percussion Synths, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Tuners, Metronomes and more.

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In 1962 when the Korg began manufacturing electronic musical instruments, the quickly became popular with their line of synthesizers. Soon after they introduced audio processors, electric tunes, recording gear and, guitar pedals.

Now that Korg owns the Vox brand, Korg is also able to offer guitar amplifiers and electric guitars. The Vox brand existing under Korg bodes well for Vox as Korg is a innovative company that has broken ground on several front in musical technology.

Korgs synthesizers were the first to feature effects, which is obviously something that has changed synths forever as just about every synth uses effects now.

The key transpose function is also an invention of the Korg corporation that has become a quintessential feature in music technology.

Since the 1980’s, when Korg dominated the synthesizer industry, Korg synthesizers have been considered of the best synths in the world. Professional musicians from Herbie Hancock to John Batiste have embraced the power of Korg synthesizers.

Korg Synths are great quality sounds for any level musician. The history of the brand and the quality of the keyboards have excellent value and can elevate any musician. That’s why professional musicians choose Korg, including:

Herbie Hancock
John Batiste of Stay Human, The Colbert Show
Bill Payne
Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy
Omar Edwards

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