Drum Mic Reviews

While ever music venue and full recording studio has to have great or halfway decent drum mics, the drum microphone has made its way into the home studio. With that, the cost of drum mics has gone way down and full drum mic kits are available for fractions of what they used to cost.

The value of the drum mic is as important as ever and more drummers than ever are getting sponsors for drum mics and taking their favorite set of drum mics on the road with them. In the studio environment the ability to capture perfect drum tones straight from the drum mics opens up so much for the producer to work with with post processing.

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There are different mics for different drums, hi hats, overheads etc. Whether you are looking for an affordable drum mic kit for your home studio or you want very specific microphones for your drums or maybe just in need of a better drum mic for your bass drum, we are breaking down all the drum mics based on performance and value.

Check out our drum mic reviews. We take a look at performance, price and durability and organize the drum mics by brand to help make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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