Vocal Mic Reviews

A good vocal mic is so important to not only lead singers but any band that wants to sound professional. If you are a back-up singer, running a music venue, creating music in a home studio or running a full recording studio, your choice in vocal mics can make all the difference in how the music sounds.

For most of us there are very affordable vocal mics from companies like Sennheiser and Shure. For the professional front man and lead vocalist, companies like Telefunken are really delivering amazing vocal mics that are providing crisp clear sound that is improving the sounds of vocals for everyone.

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Some vocal mics are made by companies like Shure and Sennheiser and some are from lesser known companies like Telefunken but all have some really great vocal microphones. The key is finding the qualities you want for your voice and knowing was the pros and cons are for each microphone. Just because a microphone is expensive, does not mean it’s great or appropriate for your needs and and just because a vocal mic is cheap doesn’t mean it’s garbage, although there are definitely some garbage microphones you will want to avoid.

We reviewed vocal microphones base on durability, sound and price. It’s easy to find the vocal mic brands you are looking for and get the info you will need to purchase the best vocal mic for your needs and budget.

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