Taylor Guitars

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In 1974 Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug created Taylor Guitars and went on to become one of the biggest guitar brands in America and worldwide. Poetically, When Taylor and Listug established themselves in California in the 1970’s and began building beautiful acoustic guitars and later electric guitars, their guitar making business evolved after buying the guitar making shop, American Dream.

The story of Taylor Guitars certainly is an American Dream and judging by the success of the brand and the high quality of Taylor Guitars, the value of Taylor Guitars should be a lasting one.

Taylor Guitars is such a great brand because they offer strong products for every level guitarist: beginner, intermediate and professional. These wonderful guitars have a look and sound that will make any level player feel professional and proud.

There is also a feel to Taylor Guitars that feels great to the fingertips. It’s a joy to play these guitars, both electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Of course there are also electric acoustic guitars that so many professional musicians have used from Prince to Dave Matthews.

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Taylor Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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When it comes to Taylor Guitars, there is just something very special about the look and tone of these guitars. They sound amazing both live and in the recording studio. Because of the, Taylor Guitars are used by some of the best guitarists of all time, including: Prince Jason Mraz Dave Matthews of Dave Matthews Band Jewel Leo Kottke Taylor Swift Michael Hedges Russ Freeman Dave Carroll William Ackerman Travis Meeks Dolores O'Riordan Tom Fletcher Billy Joe Walker Snuffy Walden
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